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When there’s no time to eat healthily

Quite often I come across a situation where customers explain that failure to improve their lifestyle is because there is no time. People are too busy. They do not go for lunch as there are always queues in the canteen, but on the other hand they are not considering popping to the shop even if it would mean they could buy a more sensible snack. So therefore you end up ‘having’ to eat whatever you can find at that point. As a result weight management generally will not succeed or at least will be incredibly difficult.


I have experienced the same situation when looking at myself. How can it be possible that the amount of time we have just isn’t enough for me?! I don’t have time to go out to eat or shopping, my head is spinning every day. And then it is not a surprise that I end up feeling tired and broken!


In the past I probably would have messed up my eating due to being in a rush. I would have chosen the wrong snacks, or maybe not eaten anything at all. Luckily what I have learnt had already caught on somewhat in the past, but now I also have See How You Eat Coach app. Now I understand at least to some extent that it’s so important to stick to regular meals and sensible food choices. It’s not like I’ll always get 10 out of 10 but thank goodness in the long run getting 3 or 4 hearts shows I am doing well.


HOW TO STICK TO BETTER EATING WHEN IN HURRY? So how can you get the pleasure of eating to also benefit you? Firstly, I accepted that there is no point in even trying to be perfect when in a rush. I am certainly not even thinking about going out to eat at this point, as it’s important to find time to go to the shop. I want to spend time with my child, so maybe I could make it into a fun shopping trip for us both where at the same time I make sure I buy suitable food for the whole week. Another key bit of advice is planning. I know what it’s like to be rushed, so you just need to prepare for that. If necessary, just prepare for the whole week ahead.


What is it worth putting in your trolley? Firstly, go to the fruit and vegetable section. Mostly fruit is pretty easy to transport (and even possible to eat in the car!). There are plenty of options here! It’s even easy to take children’s food with you. If it’s not convenient/possible to store cold items/if you do not have a fridge available then you can always have a supply of nuts and protein bars in your handbag. These bars give you good energy, and it’s better than having nothing! You can also find protein drinks. I sometimes choose them instead of bars. But of course you’ll have more choice if you can keep things cold!


In a busy situation it’s important to make good choices. It’s good to consider what’s important for me? I want to feel good, I want to have energy and I want to eat sensibly. Sometimes it’s not possible to be perfect, but it’s good enough to do your best.


When the rush is over, I choose the right food and once again aim for a 5 heart rating with the See How You Eat Coach app.


Nutrition is the basis for feeling good, even when you are in a rush!


Marika Venäläinen

Authorised Nutritionist

Master of Health Science (Nutrition)

10 years of experience helping people with nutrition challenges


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