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Offer your clients the easiest way to track meals

See How You Eat PRO

The best tool for a nutrition coach

Offer your clients an easy photo food tracking app.

Real-time food diary follow-up

What do you get?

  • Real-time desktop view of your client’s food diaries
  • Daily chat to discuss the food journal in one place
  • See all the weekly meals at a glance
  • Filter meals easily 
  • Invite your clients to use the service for free
  • Follow-up up to 50 connections 
  • Prices start at USD 1.99  per connection/per month

What does your client get?

  • The easiest photo food tracking app in the market
  • Unlimited access to all the features inside the app
  • Unlimited access to the desktop service
  • Daily chat to stay connected with you

What our users say?

pricing model for shye pro

Join the PROs

Be a PRO and offer your clients the best.


  • Unlimited access to the SHYE app
  • Professional desktop view
  • Real-time follow-up
  • Monthly view
  • Daily Chat
  • Filter meals
  • Data backup
  • Invite connections 
  • Offer full access to invitees

Prices start at USD 1.99 per connection / per month. 

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