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The story behind See How You Eat App

The Health Revolution

What’s the difference between See How You Eat approach and all the other diet solutions?
Here’s the story, the philosophy, and the woman behind Health Revolution Ltd.

What is wellness?
It all comes down to feeling good in your body.
We want to help you feel that way.

Mia Karlsson is the creator of See How You Eat

Hi, I’m Mia Karlsson – the creator of See How You Eat.

Let’s get real here. I’ve struggled with stomach discomfort, fatigue, and my appearance since I was young. Looking back on my life, I wonder: How many years I wasted being tired and dissatisfied with my health and appearance?

Eventually, after numerous diets, I realized what was wrong: I knew nothing about balanced eating, not even when I made a living as an aerobics instructor.

And believe me, I’ve tried them all. Gluten-free, low-carb, vegetarian, dairy-free, yeast-free – without finding permanent balance. Why so?

The key component of a healthy diet was missing.

All I wanted was a simple, non-judgemental way of eating that would make me feel good and energetic.

80 20 coach app for healthy diet

It’s not about what to eat. It’s about HOW to eat.

In general, the problem with all diets is this: They tell you what you can and can’t eat. They rarely tell you HOW to eat.

When I finally paid attention to my HOW, things started to change.

By regulating my food rhythm and following the simple 80/20 diet rule, it was easy to control my sweet-tooth and balance my portion sizes. With stable blood sugar levels, my fatigue and stomach discomfort faded away.

Why don’t they teach us the basics of healthy eating?

During my 2nd pregnancy, I used SHYE Coach app and avoided earlier traps.

Healthy eating has nothing to do with endless restrictions and calorie trackers. A balanced, life-long diet is the real answer. With this realization, I felt the urge and passion for doing my part.

So the journey began – in cooperation with a fantastic team of nutrition professionals. By combining the ideas of the 80/20 diet, balanced plate philosophy, mindful eating, and regular rhythm, it all came together.

As a result, See How You Eat Coach was born.

…And so was my daughter. Thanks to baby weight, I got to test my new app – with 40 lbs extra weight on my hips. I decided to lose them naturally, without a strict diet.

All I did was a regular eating rhythm and following the 80/20 diet rule. By taking pictures of every meal and assessing them in the SHYE Coach app, it felt easy.

A couple of months later, I got rid of my maternity clothes. And I hadn’t even restricted my eating! I even had a pizza and sweets every now and then, without guilt or regret. That was regular eating rhythm & the 80/20 rule in action.

It works.

Mia used SHYE Coach during pregnancy

During my 2nd pregnancy, I used SHYE Coach app and avoided earlier traps.

Farewell, “dieting mentality” – welcome, balance!

If 80% of your meals are balanced and healthy, 20% doesn’t matter. Go ahead and enjoy that cinnamon bun; life’s not that serious!

We promote a non-judgemental attitude towards food. All the guilt, shame, and regret we’ve learned to attach to the food do nothing but harm to ourselves. We all have a right to enjoy the delight of healthy eating.

I’m grateful to have learned all that, and I know you can get there, too.

As simple it sounds, keeping a food diary is proven to help. To share this revelation further, we decided to create a second app around the food diary.

Our See You Eat Food Diary turned out to be a huge success – people absolutely love it. It’s so simple, yet so effective. After using SHYE, there’s no going back to calorie counting.

Healthy eating is easy once you get the basics and forget about the dieting mentality.

The key is to find a permanent balance. That’s what our Health Revolution is all about.

  • If you want to try the See How You Eat food diary right away, go here.
  • If you want more support on your journey, read more about our SHYE Coach app.

Love and happiness,

Founder of Health Revolution Ltd

Mia is the founder of Health Revolution Ltd.