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Feel inspired, energetic, and stress-free with Food Diary

See How You Eat

Your Easiest Photo Food Diary Ever.

“I love this photo food journal app; it’s a game-changer!”

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Free yourself from endless diets and calorie counting

Photo food diary SHYE is for you, if:

  • You want to feel healthier and less stressed
  • You’re done with unsuccessful diets
  • Your coach, nutritionist, or doctor wants to know how you eat
  • Counting calories feels complicated and time-wasting
  • You tend to skip meals and overeat later

Did you nod once or twice? So did we. That’s why we created the Food Diary See How You Eat App!

It’s a simple yet effective food diary to help you discover the ease and enjoyment of a healthy eating.

What our users say?

How to use a photo food diary

How to use food diary SHYE?

We want you to find ease and inspiration in your eating habits.

That’s why we made your photo food diary app as simple as possible. Even your grandmother uses it! 😉

  1. Open your SHYE app
  2. Take a picture of your meal
  3. Enjoy your meal.

See your daily meals at a glance. Become aware of your eating habits, and you’ll make more mindful choices. Food photo journaling is scientifically proven to help with a healthy diet.

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Rediscover the joy of mindful eating

Food diary for professionals

Food Diary SHYE for Professionals

Are you a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or coach?

Food Diary SHYE helps you to help your customers.

By downloading the app, your customers can capture their meal pictures quickly and easily. With just one click, they can share their photo food journal with you.

You’ll both save time and energy. Plus, it’s fun!

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Why See How You Eat was born? Who’s behind all this? We’re happy to tell the story.
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We’re anti-diet advocates. We believe in mindful eating without endless restrictions, struggle, and calorie counting.
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