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Say no to calorie counting

My Plate Coach by
See How You Eat

Say YES to permanent balance and health.

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Knowing what’s healthy is a great start.

But turning knowledge into wisdom in daily habits on your plate is another thing. That’s where most of us struggle!

That’s where My Plate Coach App steps in.

80 20 coach app for healthy diet

Free yourself from calorie counting


Countless fad diets, calorie calculations, restrictions, slips, starting-again-on-Mondays, and self-loathing moments… We’ve all been there.

Short-term diets take you only so far. It’s a healthy and mindful lifestyle that brings you permanent balance.

Whether you want to lose weight, feel energetic, or make permanent changes to your eating habits, you’ll love this app. Start your 4-week coaching journey today!

With the My Plate Coach app, you’ll rediscover the joy and ease of healthy eating.

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What our users say?

See How You Eat Coach app preview

My Plate Coach is for you, if:

  • You’ve tried all the trendy diets, and you’re done with them
  • You want to feel energetic, fit, and good about yourself
  • You have better things to do than calculate calories
  • You tend to skip meals and overeat & regret later
  • You want to learn a life-long, healthy lifestyle with ease and joy

Great – so did we! That’s why we created the My Plate Coach. It’s a 4-week coaching program to build permanent, healthy eating habits without endless dieting.

Track your meals with a simple photo diary, assess your meals using the plate method, and learn about balanced eating habits on the way. You’ll be surprised how simple and fun it is!

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Our plate method coaching – why it works?

Healthy diet no calorie counting app

Everything you’ll learn on your 4-week coaching journey is based on proven methods.

Our team of authorized nutritionists, personal trainers, and nutrition scientists have put their knowledge, wisdom, and heart into this coaching concept.

Our coaching philosophy combines the best of these scientifically proved worlds:

  • The Balanced Plate Method
  • Mindful Eating
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Positive Psychology
  • 80/20 Nutrition Rule
  • Official Nutrition Recommendations
  • Social Learning Theory

All these elements are there to guide you gently towards your goal without any guilt or struggle. We know life is stressful & hectic at times, and feeling down does not help anyone!

We created an inspirational coaching experience for you to have fun while putting your health knowledge into action.

How to assess your meals without calorie counting

Say no to calorie counting:

Your journey towards permanent balance

What to expect during the next four weeks? Here’s how it works:

You’ll take pictures of your meals.

No calorie counting, no writing everything down – all you do is take a picture. In the beginning, you won’t make any changes to your eating habits. We’ll start by becoming aware of the current situation.

You’ll assess your meals using the plate method

We’ll guide you to assess your meals in a fun and easy way. You’ll learn how to build a balanced and healthy yet tasteful plate.

Coach weekly program
Your 4-week program:

Week 1 – Portion
During the first week, you’ll learn how you can improve your balance on your plate based on the “hearts” you get for your meals.

Week 2 – Hunger
In the second week, we focus on hunger. What does the feeling of hunger teach you?

Week 3 – Portion Size
In week three, we talk about portion size. How to find yourself the right portion size?

Week 4 – The Mind
In the last week of the coaching process, we focus on the mind. What roles does your mind play in the eating habit change?

After you’ve been using the app for 4 weeks or more:
Happy woman using 80/20 Coach app
  • We know you are eating more balanced.
  • You are more energetic.
  • You are feeling, “Yes, I can do this.”
  • You are eating more vegetables.
  • You have probably lost a few pounds or more.
  • You see food as your supporter, not your enemy.
  • You are not snacking mindlessly.
  • You are not having sugar cravings.

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User Story:

“Finally a nutrition app that helps in a relaxed manageable way. It’s simply designed and easy to use. Gently teaches by plate method; 1/2 plate vegetable, 1/4 plate protein, 1/4 plate grain. There is a picture reminder to add a little healthy fat, and a drink selection.

No calories are counted, so using smaller plates helps. There is also room for indulging in treats in moderation with the 80/20 philosophy. No pressure or stress to make a calorie count. I could use this app long term without the anxiety and pressure that diets create.”

SHYE Handbook for permanent balance

Handbook to support your journey

If you’re like us and love to learn new things, this book is for you. It not only supports you during your SHYE Coach journey, but it also takes you deeper into the world of balanced and healthy eating.

After reading this book, you can be your own diet coach. You’ll learn the basics of a healthy diet, and a lot more.

Take your journey to the next level with our book.
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