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Buffet lunch – hot or not? Nutritionist’s insights

While prices of everything are rising, so is the price of lunch in many staff canteens and cafeterias. The situation quickly leads to wanting to get one’s money’s worth which makes the portions bigger, especially when one faces a buffet lunch. We also want to try a bit of everything from the buffet. This habit has its roots in our history as humans – the more varied your diet is, the more likely you will get all the nutrients you need. However, this habit will likely lead to afternoon tiredness and lower work efficiency in our modern world.

Lunch is worth the effort

I’ve noticed that a massive portion of food during lunch makes me wish for a nap. The buffet table is practically begging you to eat a lot, and that makes taking a balanced portion size hard. That’s also why taking your lunch box to work has become so popular. I wrote about this in the previous article.

A buffet lunch has pros and cons, but I’m all for them. As long as you know the pitfalls and possibilities, you’ll survive the buffet lunch without leaving feeling too full.

Four tips for success at the lunch buffet

1.       Check out the day’s menu beforehand and decide on what you’ll eat that day. That will ease your decision when you’re by the buffet. What do you feel like eating today?

2.       Be aware of your sense of hunger. If you go to the restaurant too hungry, the smells and the sight of food will make your appetite go crazy. That makes it harder to make intelligent decisions when building your portion. Could a pre-lunch snack help?

3.       Always start with the vegetables. This way, you’ll fill your plate with smart things automatically. Please put everything on just one plate.

4.       Eat slowly so your brain has time to receive signals from your body about your satiety level. On average, it takes 20 minutes for the message to go from your stomach to your brain. Is that a lot or a little?

Rather than “getting your money’s worth,” consider that you’re paying for feeling good, getting energy for your day, and having an efficient afternoon.

With these tips, you’ll surely succeed. What will you try first?

Or do you have some other good tips? How do you manage to eat the right portion size at the buffet? Share a picture of your lunch and tips, tag us @seehowyoueatapp, and we’ll share your information with others!

Have a relaxing lunch break!

Authorized Nutritionist

Marika knows about nutrition

P.S. You can check out Mia’s lunch plate after getting food from the buffet here.

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