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Summer Bucket List Through the Eyes of a Dietitian

Summer bucket lists are trending on social media. I was inspired to think about the theme from the perspective of summer dining. What would a bucket list for summer eating look like?

If a typical summer bucket list includes swimming, summer festivals, friends, relaxation, and cottage life, what would be on a summer eating list from a dietitian’s perspective?

What different vegetables would be on the list? What new things could be made from vegetables? Or is it time to try entirely new vegetables?

When I make a bucket list for summer eating, meaning a handwritten list on paper, will the list actually get done? What do you think?

My summer bucket list:

1. What do I make with vegetables?

  • Strawberry milk, an absolute summer favorite. And of course, from the first strawberries of the summer.
  • Zucchini and bell peppers on the grill. What else could I add?
  • Peas from the market. And I’ll stop to eat them and watch the hustle and bustle of the market.
  • A refreshing smoothie as a starter. There are still blueberries in the freezer for this. Soon, everything will be fresh!
  • Cherries, yum! I must wait a little longer for these, but I can be patient!

ust the thought warms my heart! The list idea works 🙂

I think I’ll make another bucket list – of vegetable dishes worth trying. Let’s add the challenge that in the summer I don’t have an oven, just a stove and a grill (an oven doesn’t fit in the boat). This might be the reality for many cottage-goers as well.

2. What vegetable dishes will I try?

  • Soy mince patties for hamburgers.
  • Stir-fry with pulled oats, with noodles
  • Pasta with green peas, chickpeas on the side, spiced up with oat chili cream
  • Tofu on the grill, vegetable packets with it
  • Traditional pea soup with soy mince

A wonderful summer ahead! What’s on your summer eating bucket list? And what about the vegetable version?

If eating enough vegetables is a challenge, these tips on how to get half a kilo a day will help with that too.

Wishing you a sunny, flavor-filled summer!


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