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Do you dare to eat regularly?

From working with and getting to know the Health Revolution team I have also come across different ways to look at the healthy eating approach. Other apps or applications I have come across are based on strict calorie counting, which entails a lot of work. There is no reason to say that the methods will not be beneficial, but the majority of people (including myself) soon lose interest.

The tediousness of following these sorts of methods is not the only drawback. Sometimes the amount of energy suggested is very small, and therefore you end up eating a very small amount. In the beginning this may sound good, but in the long run people will eat less and in the end they will just not eat enough. Our bodies react to energy intake in our own way – if eating a very small amount then any food eaten is held onto by the body. Weight management becomes difficult.

Another problem with these calorie counting problems is that although the energy intake may be enough, as you have a calorie ‘budget’ you may end up using up the calories by eating treats, rather than by eating normally. The amount of energy you have taken in will not last the whole day even though you have stuck within the calorie budget! It may be that your weight will drop, but what are you actually leaning about suitable eating…

I run into ‘calorie stalking’ customers daily. People believe that for successful weight loss it means that you have to eat less and leave out treats. Then I start to speak about eating more meals more often and eating bigger portions by adding vegetables. And suddenly you are confused!

My weight management methods might require some attitude adjusting. When I am suggesting to my customers to increase the amount you are eating AND to increase the amount of times you are eating, for many it requires a brave leap to try something new. It seems to be something that is so against all what you thought to be true about losing weight.

So the question is, do you have what it takes? Are you brave enough to eat 5 or 6 times a day? My gut feeling is that this will be a challenge and may sound suspicious. But if you have, for example, left out breakfast and only had a light lunch and this hasn’t caused your weight to drop then surely it is time to try another method? Try to have breakfast and see how you manage! Eat a properly throughout the day and it will keep you going until the evening. What have you got to lose? And what if you actually succeed?

Do you want to learn more about tracking/logging meals with the See How You Eat app? Take a look of this short video. 

Happy eating to you all.

Marika Venäläinen

Authorised Nutritionist

Master of Health Science (Nutrition)

10 years of experience helping people with nutrition challenges


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