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Do you dare to eat regularly?

Since I started working at See How You Eat apps, I have encountered many different health apps related to eating. The range is wide. Many of them are based on tracking eating with numbers. That troubles me because how I meet my customers at my nutrition consulting work has deeper values—no one or nothing is just a number. The aspect many of these apps seem to lack is encouragement for a more mindful approach and things like regular eating rhythm. 

The drawbacks of calorie counting

The core element with many food tracking apps or applications I have tried is focused on strict calorie counting, which can be quite laborious. While these methods may have their benefits, many people (including myself) often lose interest quickly.

The tediousness of following these sorts of methods is not the only drawback. Sometimes, the amount of energy suggested is minimal, so you end up eating a very small amount. Initially, this may sound good, but in the long run, people will eat less; in the end, they will not eat enough.

Our bodies respond to energy intake uniquely; consuming very little food prompts the body to hold onto whatever is eaten, making weight management challenging. Plus, you start to feel multiple other symptoms, such as fatigue and digestion problems, to add a few of the most common.

Another issue with calorie counting is that while the energy intake may be adequate, sticking within a calorie ‘budget’ may result in using up those calories on treats rather than balanced meals. Despite staying within the calorie limit, the energy may not last the whole day. While your weight may decrease, what are you genuinely learning about healthy eating habits? What happens when you give up calorie counting?

I confuse people with a different approach

On a daily basis, I encounter customers who are fixated on counting calories. Many believe that successful weight loss means eating less and cutting out treats. However, when I suggest eating more meals more often and increasing portion sizes by incorporating vegetables, confusion arises.

My approach to weight management may require a shift in mindset.

My approach to weight management may require a shift in mindset. When I advise customers to increase the quantity and frequency of meals, it often requires a bold leap to embrace something new. For many, this challenges everything they thought they knew about losing weight.

Are you ready for a regular eating rhythm?

The question remains:

Are you prepared for this? Are you willing to commit to eating 5 or 6 times a day? 

It may seem daunting and perhaps even questionable.

But if, for instance, skipping breakfast and having only a light lunch hasn’t led to weight loss, it might be time to explore a different approach (read here about Mia’s experience with that approach). Try incorporating breakfast and observe how your body responds! 

Maintaining a regular eating rhythm throughout the day, you’ll sustain energy levels until evening.
What do you have to lose? And imagine if you succeed!

Wishing you a satisfying eating journey.

Happy eating to you.

Authorized Nutritionist
Master of Health Science (Nutrition)
Over 10 years of experience helping people with nutrition challenges


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