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Declaration of Food Peace for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is an excellent time to consider the meaning of Christmas. For some people, the holidays mean a peaceful time with loved ones – good food, wine, gingerbread cookies, and especially chocolates. For others, the holidays propose battles, moments of despair, dark thoughts, and anxiety.

For some people, the reason for these negative emotions is in our minds, traumatized by all the negative food talk surrounding us. An incriminating and accusatory way of talking about food reigns in our society. Being subject to it is unavoidable; sometimes, even the closest to us speak this way. This year we want to declare food peace for the holiday season – join us.

Could Christmas be free of incriminating food talk?

After being subjected to harmful and accusatory food talk for years, I’ve noticed that it’s also gotten a hold of my thoughts. Inevitably, eating Christmas treats causes a sense of guilt.

Do you recognize this food talk phenomenon? Does it sound familiar to you that someone says, “I shouldn’t eat this, but since it’s Christmas,” or “I ate so much, tomorrow I need to go for a run,” or “maybe just one more, my diet starts after New Year?” Most of us recognize these statements. Even though they might seem small and innocent, they affect us and our relationship with food.

I’ve written earlier about the typical routine of making a health-related New Year’s resolution and why it often backfires. You can read about that here.

Let’s declare food peace for the holidaysno negative food talk

Responsible and sensitive food talk should be a default every day of the year. Let us start now with the holiday season, and all declare peace around food for the end of the year:

”The holiday season is upon us again. I hereby declare a worldwide food peace for the holidays and encourage everyone to adhere to this declaration of peace with the severity it calls for. The declaration of peace around the holiday food means that from this day until the first Friday after New Year is a time free of judgemental, incremental, and accusatory food talk. We won’t judge or roll our eyes at others’ or our own food choices. Everyone can enjoy all foods without dividing them into good or bad, healthy or non-healthy, and fattening or non-fattening. We encourage everyone to eat peacefully and mindfully and enjoy the food with all senses. All comments regarding food should be communicated with joy, enhancing good tastes and experiences. The one who breaks this peace or in some inappropriate way disturbs it shall face grave disapproval. Lastly, we wish everyone beautiful holiday celebrations and wonderful moments around the holiday table!”

Are you with us in declaring food peace for this year’s holiday season? Together we can achieve peaceful celebrations for all.

If you’re in, please share the declaration onward!

Have a peaceful and lovely holiday season!


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