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Introduction to the My Plate Coach -app

My name is Mia. I am the founder of See How You Eat -apps.

In this short video, I’ll tell more about the My Plate Coach app that calculates the 80/20 Weekly Score for you. The idea is that you do not always have to make smart food choices in order to get the health and weight benefits you wish. 80 % of balanced food choices are good enough.

FYI: if the video does not work inside the app, visit seehowyoueat.com/blog or click here to copy the link.

We get lot of questions about the Coach app, so we made this video for you to explain the concept better.

Any questions? Leave a comment or send us feedback using the “Give feedback -tap” in side the app.

Great to have you with us!

See How You Eat -apps

P.S. This Coach app is one of my 3 babies (the others are our daughter and son). I am very proud of the Coach concept. To explain the whole philosophy more in detail, we wrote a book about it – 80/20 Nutrition Workbook for Permanent Balance. It was launched in English in spring 2020. To take a peek you can download a free preview here.

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