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Intuitive eating – what it is and how it will help you

Much research has been done on the longevity of weight loss. Research has shown that black-and-white thinking and stress are often obstacles when keeping weight stable after losing weight. That’s why discussions with my clients often revolve around what kind of diet is the best one. Of course, it needs to be one you can commit to, that you enjoy, and with which you can proceed steadily and progressively toward your goal. Could you find help in intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is the opposite to strict diet rules

When it comes to intuitive eating, it is the opposite of a diet framework with strict rules. Intuitive eating is all about listening to your body and noticing the signals your wise body is sending you. Often, we don’t trust ourselves enough to listen to these bodily messages, or they are mixed up with signals from the outside world.

Do you listen to your body signals?

Intuitive eating requires focused listening and daring to trust what our body has to say. By doing so, you can find a lasting solution for your wellbeing, a final sense of balance.

Consider your situation at the moment with the help of these questions:

  • Can you trust your intuition in eating?
  • Do you trust your body to tell you when and what to eat?
  • Do you trust your body to tell you when to stop eating?
  • Are you ready to give intuitive eating a try?

80/20 philosophy guides toward intuitive eating

Linked to the philosophy of listening to your body is the 80/20 thinking. It’s based on the idea that 80% of our food intake should be well thought out and healthy, while 20% can be indulgences. With these guiding strings, you can find a balance that lasts in eating and other parts of life.

In the journey towards adopting intuitive eating, many benefits from the 80/20 guideline.

Read more about how you can benefit from the 80/20 philosophy here.

Joy to your day,

Marika Venäläinen

Authorized Nutritionist
Author of 80/20 Nutrition Workbook
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