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What is the best diet to lose weight today and tomorrow?

Weight control was the topic of the National Nutrition Seminar held in Helsinki 2018 (Finland). I was privileged to hear numerous excellent speeches from top researchers. I want to share the valuable content with all of you later on in this blog. The first speech was by docent and lecturer Leila Karhunen. I want to talk about her topic today. She asked a big question: “What is the best diet to lose weight today and tomorrow?”

What is the best diet to lose weight today and tomorrow?

That is a question we all have tried to figure out. I often meet clients who have been eating only soup-based meals or have taken part in Weight Watchers or who have left out all the carbohydrates of the diet. None of these diets have worked out. Usually, clients come to see me last – when they have “failed in every possible diet.”

What did Leila Karhunen answer to the big question “What is the best diet to lose weight today and tomorrow?”. “The best diet is the kind diet that suits you the best on a personal level, and it’s easy for you to follow in the long term.”

When it comes to weight loss, researches have shown that it doesn´t matter from which sources you get your energy. It doesn´t matter if you avoid fat or carbohydrates. BUT concerning your health, it does matter where you get your energy. For example, if you are on a low-carb diet, there has been shown adverse changes on cholesterol.

The most important thing is that your diet suits you personally and you are ready to follow it in your everyday life for the rest of your life. If you want to lose weight, you must have less energy in your diet.

How to have smaller energy content in your diet?

The easiest way to have less energy in a meal is to have more vegetables. Vegetables don´t have a lot of energy, but they will fill your stomach. (BTW: We are writing a book including these themes with Mia. You can download a free preview of the book here if you wish). Leila Karhunen reminded us about the fact that people tend to get bored with one flavor at a time. When the taste and the texture of food change we can eat even more. That is why I often joke with my clients, that there is another stomach for desserts.

In our everyday life, we should keep the diet simple. That way it is easier to get less energy from the food and have better control over weight. For example, bringing home only essential ingredients instead of having treats for surprise guests.

What else affects successful weight control?

Leila Karhunen listed the following details:

  • Inner motivation
  • The feeling of knowing that you actually can do it
  • Positive body image
  • Flexible control over your food consumption

A good example of flexible control is the 80/20 diet rule; 80% is healthy choices and the rest 20% can be whatever you fancy. Watch here what Annabel likes about the 8020 Rule.

We, here at the See How You Eat -team, believe in the same facts:

  • Do this for yourself – not for others
  • Figure out the most suitable diet for you, so that it is easy for you to follow
  • Be flexible about food, learn permanent balance with the 80/20 diet rule
  • Add more vegetables to your meals

Studies have shown that these methods and habits work the best. These are also the facts that inspire us in our work in creating tools for permanent balance, like the See How You Eat Coach app.

Be kind to yourself.



The authorized nutritionist at Health Revolution Ltd

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