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Do I need to eat breakfast?

Fresh Organic Healthy Yogurt with Raspberries and Blueberries

Many of my customers ask if they really need to eat breakfast. ”I have never eaten breakfast, I cannot eat in the morning, I feel sick”. In this situation I ask the following questions:

  1. What’s you energy level at lunchtime? How hungry are you? Are you able to control your portion size?
  1. Can you work efficiently in the morning? Are you able to concentrate when you are feeling hungry? How about in the afternoon, after a heavy lunch?
  1. Do you get all the nutrients you need? Enough vitamins, protein and fibre? Usually breakfast is well balanced and nutrient-rich.

Very few can pass these questions. Being a breakfast eater or a non-breakfast eater is usually a matter of getting used to. You can learn both habits. Try having a healthy breakfast and see how it affects your weight control, energy levels and moods.

Evaluate your habits honestly. What did you answer?


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