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Does it matter what you quench your thirst with?

One important and easily neglected factor in weight management is what you choose to drink. Adults tend to gain extra weight because of alcohol, and adolescents because of sugary juice.

The problem with beverages is that they contribute a large amount of calories, mainly in the form of sugar. Half a litre of sugary soft drinks include 50g of sugar, which equals the daily recommended amount for adults. The World Health Organization’s recommendation is even less – only 25g per day.

Beverages don’t cause a feeling of satiety. They proceed through the digestive system quickly without making your feel full. Because they are mainly sugars, they are absorbed quickly and make the blood glucose level go up and down quickly.

The benefit ratio is bad – lot of calories but no satiety or nutritional benefit.

To quench your thirst, choose plain water or unflavoured sparkling water. Skimmed milk is a good accompaniment to meals.

Beverages with sweeteners don’t usually have calories, but we wouldn’t recommended regular use, unless you’re a fan of going to the dentist!


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