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Successful weight management – what exactly is it and how to do it right

The formula for losing weight is simple – eat less energy than you consume. But how to successfully manage your weight, so that you don’t gain it back again? Here I offer you a few simple keys to successful weight management.

Simple ways to a permanent weight management solution

So, what exactly is successful weight management? The answer seems to be surprisingly simple.

When it comes to successful weight management, it’s all about having daily routines in your diet, but on the other hand, combining tolerance with flexibility as well. It doesn’t sound all that complicated, right? To achieve balance in weight management, we need to be increasingly conscious of our actions and have respect for our well-being. The importance of physical activity can’t be ruled out, but – then again – successful weight management is not all about the number on the scale. By following these simple rules, anyone can create a thriving environment for personal weight management.

Flexibility is the cornerstone of success

Thinking about treating yourself to some delicacies, but worrying it might affect your weight? Don’t worry – successful weight management doesn’t rule out the treats. The forbidden treats are always the ones that tempt us the most. A flexible attitude towards treats not only gives you good consciousness but also enables you to take control of your mind. So be sure to treat yourself once in a while without any guilt. This view is especially supported in the ‘80/20’- mindset, which we have also written a book about. 

Awareness of your own choices 

An important part of maintaining success in weight management is taking full responsibility for yourself. This includes:

  • Acknowledging the fact that well-being does not come for free and that we must strive to achieve the best results.
  • This responds to awareness of the choices we make and understanding of how these choices will affect our well-being.

Be your own top priority

We must set ourselves as our top priority to achieve a better stage of well-being.

  • Routines can help us to make successful weight management long-term. For example, eating breakfast every day has been found to help with weight management. Likewise, the routine of eating vegetables as a part of every meal.
  • There might also be some routines that are not good for you. In that case, it is necessary to acknowledge these habits and exclude them from your daily routines. When giving up bad habits and learning new, healthy ones, perseverance is a virtue.

The importance of physical activity

Physical activity is important for both the mind and the body.

  • Finding a hobby – or going back to an old one – that you enjoy might help you to get going. Don’t be afraid to try out something new, if it’s something you are interested in and might enjoy doing.
  • Sometimes we have to accept the fact that we might not like doing this, but it is necessary for our well-being and helps us to feel better. We don’t have to weigh ourselves all the time because we can trust ourselves and our bodies to tell us when there’s a need to change something. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

A journey of a lifetime

A successful journey is formed of planning, creating, and implementing healthy routines. Anything can happen, so we need to be flexible and ready to learn new things. Not everyone comes from the same background, but by acknowledging this, we can learn to appreciate our journeys. A successful journey always requires work. 

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